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Imperial City of cusco, Qosqo translated from quechua means belly bottom of the world, it was tha capital og the inca empire, that begans in the 1200 hundreds, and finish when the spanish arrives to peru aprox at the beginning of 1500 hundreds, cusco its a cuty that was built over the ruins of the inca city, this is why when you walk around the city center you feel like you are walking on Stone city made by the incas. The population in this city is les tan a half million, but it has a lot of places to offer to the visitors like sacred valley were are Little towns and archeological sites like Pisac, Ollantaytambo, also salt mines Maras and an agriculture expermiental site Moray. If you enjoy trekking also you have other options like Salcantay trekk, Inca Trail , and of course Machupicchu a site that never was ocupied by spanish people, Also we have rainbow mountain: Pallay Punchu and a hanging Inca bridge: Qeswachaca. Rock formations like three canyons, Suykutambo and Maukallacta ruins from Canas etnic group. There is a large list of places but we try to mentions anly the ones that we can have acces. Cusco a city full of energy.
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