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Ica city its located in the long coast stripe in Peru, what makes this place special and with a different weather, here we find the Huacachina, an oasis in the desert, that offers activities like buggies, sand boarding, etc. Also we have the área of pisco, like its name says here we find Pisco wineries, this drink is base in grapes made by destilation , famous drink that born in Peru. Another place that we have to visit is Paracas Reserve and Ballestas islands, we jump on a boat and we enjoy local fauna, like sealions, humbult pinguins, birds and another species admire by the visitors. Ica deparment was the place were an important culture born, Nazca Culture, know for their textiles, funeral bundles an nazca lines consider and big astronomical calendar, study by german lady Maria reiche, who came to study nazca lines until she died in Peru, leaving us a loto f information in a museum that has her name.
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