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Puno is a bay in the shores of Titicaca lake, located at 3,827 mts. Titicaca lake its consider the highest navegable lake in the world with an extensión of 8,372 square kilometers. It has aproximatly 21 islands , Sun island is the biggest and the only one with wáter. The lake its divided in two countries Peru and Bolivia, the most visiting islands in Peru are Amantani and Takile, and in the bolivian side Sun and Moon island. The Uros floating Islands are the most visited and they were made many years ago, by a group of people who decide to stay in the shores of the lake and made these floating islands with totora reed the grows in this área, this is a unique place….but puno is not only the lake because the shores of the like was the place were one of the most important and ancient cultures: tiawanaco. We can find chullpas that are ceremonial tumbs made in the pre inca and inca times, ceremonial temples like Inka Camaña located in Qeñuani district, beatiful carving in the stones simulated and old open temple. And another must is Aramu Muro, a three dimensional door, that conect with other worlds, magic places full of energy to visit in Puno.
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